MyMail causes confusion

I am not a person who enjoys change. I like things to stay the same so I don’t have to deal with getting used to something new.

When it comes to computers, I always end up accidentally deleting something or freezing the screen when I’m trying to do something important.

Despite all of this, I was optimistic when I found out Mercyhurst was switching from WebMail to MyMail.

I honestly thought the new e-mail provider would be much nicer and the change would be worth it.

When WebMail prompted me to go to MyMail and log in, I went to the website and typed in my username and password.

With no surprise to me, the login told me that my information was incorrect. I typed them in again, thinking that maybe I had just misspelled something by accident.

I was wrong.

I gave up on MyMail for a while, because I was frustrated and WebMail still worked.

However, students were eventually notified that WebMail would quit working within 24 hours. I decided to figure out how to use MyMail before I didn’t have any e-mail at all.

When I logged in to Blackboard, a message informed me that I had to reset my password before MyMail would work.

Well, I tried that twice. No matter what I did, though, I could not get the e-mail to work.

At first, I thought it was just my computer ineptitude. But when I talked to my friends from Mercyhurst, I found out everyone else was having similar problems.

Now, fall break is over, and I have yet to figure out this whole e-mail situation. Unfortunately for me, I have several people I need to e-mail, including my adviser and a professor. But I can’t do any of this.

In fact, I’m not even sure how I’m going to send this article in to my editor.

So Mercyhurst, I have some advice. As far as I can tell, I’m not the only one having problems with this. Next time you think about changing something this important, try to make sure the new one actually works before you get rid of the old one.