Justin Branam Creates Unique iPhone Session

The iPhone can do pretty much anything, whether it is deciding where to eat dinner or paying bills. Technology and music have united more and more in the past decade, leaving listeners wondering what could possibly be next.

That’s where Justin Branam steps in. The Nashville singer-songwriter recently received funding to mass-produce and release his latest EP, the iPhone Sessions.

The EP consists of five songs and even album artwork, all of which were recorded and created using Branam’s iPhone 3GS. Branam knew it was a novel, yet uncommon concept, so he turned to Kickstarter.com to help fund the record, bringing more new technology into the mix.

Kickstarter is a site where visitors can “fund and follow creativity.” It features hundreds of creative projects, from music recordings to books, photography and movies. Each project creator offers incentives for each price level that is pledged. Also, if the project is not 100 percent funded by the set end time, you do not have to pay a penny.

Branam created the project, then turned to social networks, asking fans and fellow musicians to lend him a hand, offering incentives such as digital downloads of the album and autographed physical copies for less wealthy backers, to personal songs, phone calls and private concerts to the wealthier folks.

As for the music itself, the iPhone sound quality is surprisingly good. The EP features three previously unreleased songs and two re-recorded ones.

Justin Branam has opened for artists such as Mat Kearney, Mute Math, and Dave Barnes and is currently in the process of recording his next full length album.