An Erieite Appetite: Lucchetti's Pizza

Pizza is not a dish to get picky about, and yet, we all have very odd standards by which we judge it.

I don’t like too much sauce, and I think I’ve always loved the toppings more than the pizza itself. I’ve never eaten a pizza with only a cheese topping.

Since coming to college, I decided to try the things that I wouldn’t even touch before, and that is what brought my roommates and I to Lucchetti’s Pizza.

Lucchetti’s Pizza is a small take-out restaurant at 1042 W. 26th Street. While the sign says pizza, they actually serve a variety of dinners, such as chicken, lasagna, ribs and fish. They also have a large selection of subs, appetizers, salads, wings and calzones.

My friends and I ordered a medium cheese pizza, which cost about $8. For the three of us, the prices were not bad, and their 6-inch subs were only $3, so we added those to our bill, as well as onion rings and jalapeno poppers.

The entire order was ready in 15 minutes. As I said before, I have never had plain cheese pizza before. The combination of greasy cheese in sauce has never appealed to me, but the pizza was actually quite good.

The crust was thin, but it was not too crisp, having some of the consistency of a thick crust pizza. The sauce was tasty and not overpowering.

With my next admission, you are going to think that I must live under a rock, but I have never had onion rings before either. They tasted like fried onions, and I would not be adverse to eating them again, so I can say they were good.

The jalapeno poppers were not too spicy but still hot. The subs were very well made. I had the ham and cheese, and it was to my liking. It feels odd to use words like “superb” when describing fast food, but the subs were $3, and they were a meal we did not have to cook.

The restaurant offers both pick-up and delivery options, and the service was very timely. Overall, Lucchetti’s Pizza is a good restaurant offering a large selection of food within a college student’s budget.