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Video game review: City of Wonder

Stars: 3 out of 5

Pros: Brings a strategy element to Facebook games, good graphics, moderately easy to play, free.

Cons: A little slow and glitchy. Limited in how far you can play.
Do you want to play a modernized game that is similar to Farmville? Then City of Wonder is the game you have been looking for.

City of Wonder is a free game that you can find on Facebook made by Playdom.

City of Wonder is fairly straightforward.

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Video game review: The Day

Pros: Simple, free.

Cons: Short and too simple.

Two of five stars

The Day is a very short game that has left me thinking “What the heck just happened?” It was developed by Gregory Weir and is sponsored by Armor Games. To play, the link is: Armor Games

The Day is very straightforward. It is your character’s birthday and all the kids have decided that they are going to celebrate your birthday by having a card tournament.

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