Letter to the Editor: Defending Four Loko

I personally think it is a little embarrassing that you would even write an article about Four Loko.

First of all, explain to me why the beverage is being blamed for this girl? It is not the fault of Four Loko but that of her own. This girl obviously does not know her limit and it is her fault she consumed too much – so let’s not just go pointing fingers at a drink when in reality it was this girls fault.

It is sad that we live in a world where people are not forced to take responsibility for their actions; luckily they can just shift the blame to something else – way to be responsible and mature.

And I don’t even know why the connection of rape was made here. Yeah, people can black out and pass out on Four Loko, but it doesn’t make you any more susceptible to rape than a beer or a mixed drink.

Another thing that grinds my gears is all this talk of mixing energy drinks with alcohol being bad for you. Again, let’s blame the company that makes the beverage.

Obviously the people who choose to drink these beverages are not at fault here – they must have been brainwashed. Darn commercials.