The Metropolitan Opera presents 'Don Carlo'

The Performing Arts Center (PAC) will again transform on Saturday into a front row, behind-the-scenes look at the Metropolitan Opera. The Metropolitan Opera’s Live in HD simulcast series has been growing with each and every season of productions.

On this occasion, the Met will be showing its new production of Giuseppe Verdi’s classic Grand Opera Don Carlo.

When first performed in 1867, the opera was five acts long and in French called “Don Carlos.” Today, the proper cuts are still disputed in the opera world; however, in this production the Metropolitan Opera will stay true to its first performance in presenting a five-act opera in Italian titled “Don Carlo.”

The story is one of a love triangle, including a father, wife and son. It is based on Friedrich Schiller’s play “Don Carlos, Infant von Spanien.”

King Philip marries Elizabeth, who had been promised since birth to the King’s son, Carlos. Elizabeth feels she must accept marriage to the King to keep peace between Spain and France. Then, Carlos is told to go to Flanders and forget Elizabeth.

Carlos asks his father to send him to Flanders. King Philip senses Queen Elizabeth never loved him and becomes jealous of his son, so he throws Carlos in prison. Elizabeth and Carlos meet in a convent and are discovered.

But Carlos’ grandfather’s ghost drags Carlos to safety in a tomb.

Opera is a worldwide timeless tradition and with the expanding HD simulcast series provided by the Met, audiences have become more diverse than ever before. Join Mercyhurst’s community in embarking on this journey of musical beauty.