Intramural sports in full swing this winter

There are activities for everyone in college.

For an aspiring writer, there is the school paper. For a basket weaver, there is a basket-weaving club. For athletes, there is athletics.

Even so, a varsity team can be very selective, which is is why intramural sports are a perfect fallback.

At Mercyhurst College, sports are offered every term for students.

In the fall, there is flag football and ultimate Frisbee, and winter term has basketball and volleyball. Also, in the spring there is softball and soccer.

According to Intramural Director Joe Spano, the largest sports in terms of participation are flag football and softball.

Each sport has had at least 16 teams with 10 students per team over the last few years.

Volleyball has been a steadily growing sport. Since all sports are co-ed, volleyball seems to benefit the most.

With 14 teams already this year, volleyball is very close to becoming the largest sport.

Thankfully, with all the support from students who participate, there are only about two forfeits per sport.

With no supervision on a team, forfeits could be common by teams that are not committed, but that does not seem to be an issue.

With the help of Spano, the intramural sport events are scheduled around students’ schedules as best as possible.

Different kinds of sports are tried each year as well as the major sports.

In years past, there have been dodgeball, floor hockey, bowling, pool, weightlifting and even arm wrestling.

Over the last three years, however, Assistant Intramural Director Nola Hessom has started the “300-mile a term challenge” which allows students to participate in a 300- or 200-mile challenge.

Since the inception of the challenge, there has never been less than 200 total participants. This current term there are 204 students attempting the challenge.

The challenge was created to promote a healthy lifestyle and for students to get in better shape, or maintain their current level of fitness.

“I feel this activity tends to do so well because people can schedule their own workouts when it best fits their own schedule and they don’t feel restricted by a set schedule for the activity” said Hessom.

Since these events are seen more as a cardio workout, or a weight loss system, Hessom is trying to find a challenge or event to promote strength as well.

Currently, Hessom is working on creating a weightlifting club to help students with their form and provide assistance in a strength workout.

Also, intramural volleyball is underway, with basketball coming soon.

For more information about intramural sports, students can stop by the recreation center.