Video game review: Doodle Devil

Pros: Fun and thought provoking, very good looking.

Cons: Nothing really all that different from its predecessor, can be frustrating at times.

4 out of 5 stars

A few months ago, I wrote a review about a puzzle-matching game called Doodle God. Armor Games has now created a sequel to this game called Doodle Devil.

Doodle Devil, like Doodle God, is a matching game where you essentially create the world. By combining items together, you create new items that you can use to make even more items.

What makes this game different from its predecessor is that you no longer assume the role of the playful happy creator of everything. You play the other side — the Devil — the one who brings death, destruction and suffering into the world.

As opposed to Doodle God, this game takes much more of a philosophical, supernatural approach. Though it is not blandly trying to make a statement through the game, it defiantly brings forth more of the battle between good and evil.

This game is similar to the first because it gets you thinking very hard. You can sit there for minutes just scanning the categories of elements thinking of which elements you could combine next.

The art in this game is great, just like the last one was. Though it is not realistic looking, it looks just like the doodles in a note pad, which is what the artists intended.

Unfortunately, besides the new theme, this game is really not all that different from the first.

Yes, you have a different backdrop and different elements to combine, but the game play is essentially the same as Doodle God. This is not a big deal because the game is still fun and really, what is there to change when the system is already as good as it is?

Also, like Doodle God, the designers have not lowered the challenge level on this game. If anything, it’s even more complicated because you are not just matching things together, you are matching ideas and concepts and this can become very frustrating at times.

Good, evil, life and death — this makes the game more challenging because you are no longer just creating the world; you are creating what makes us human.