Moviegoers love ‘Dope’

Dope%2C+the+movie+is+a+welcome+edition+to+the+young-adult+genre%2C+offering+plenty+for+audiences+of+all+ages.+ photo

“Dope,” the movie is a welcome edition to the young-adult genre, offering plenty for audiences of all ages.

The movie “Dope,” written and directed by Rick Famuyira, is a welcome addition to the young-adult movie catalog. It is misleading, though, to call this a movie that is just for young adults. While the movie does focus on teenagers, it is for a broad audience.
The movie focuses on Malcolm, played by Shameik Moore, a teenager who lives in a neighborhood run by gang members and drug dealers. Malcolm is trying to behave so he can go to college.
When Malcolm is asked by a drug dealer to deliver a message to a girl down the block and Malcolm sees how beautiful and charming she is, he starts making bad decisions that lead him into the world he tried hard to stay out of.
There are some clunky scenes in the movie and some of the social commentary comes off a bit heavy-handed.
The last few scenes seemed tacked on and unnecessary to the final product but these are just minor issues with the film.
The style and pacing of the movie is fantastic and the plot has more levels to it than your typical teenager movie.
If you’re looking for a refreshing change of pace, I’d highly recommend checking out “Dope.”