Faculty art on display at Cummings Gallery

The Cummings Art Gallery at Mercyhurst is currently featuring faculty art until Sept 27.
The professors featured include Daniel Burke, Thomas Gamble, Tom Hubert, Mary Elizabeth Meier, Gary Cardot, Jamie Borowicz, Jodi Staniunas Hopper and Patricia Tomczak-Czulewicz.
The works of art are all unique and different, utilizing many types of mediums.
Some of the artwork even has personal meaning to the artist.
Mary Elizabeth Meier, Ph.D., has five pieces featured, and their inspriations are very personal. Many are based on areas in Spain, including the Plaza Blanca which means “the white place” in Spanish.
It is a small area located in Abiquin, New Mexico, between Taos and Santa Fe.
For the past two summers, Meier has visited Plaza Blanca and revisited the steps of Georgia O’ Keeffe.
Georgia O’Keeffe has been a model for many artists, not just for the professors on campus but for artists worldwide, because of her status as one of the first influential female artists.
Her early works included charcoal drawings and architectural pictures.
O’Keeffe had a residence in Casa Blanca, where she often spent time by the rock formations creating her artwork.
Meier said that she enjoyed retracing the steps of Georgia O Keeffe.
Another interesting fact Meier shared is that you can still visit Georgia O Keefe’s house exactly as she left it.
Nothing has been touched since O’Keeffe died in 1986.
Meier said that it was very touching to walk through O’ Keeffe’s house and connect with her on an artistic level.
Many of the works in the Cummings Art Gallery have deeper messages hidden within.
Be sure to head over there in the next few days to see the pieces of art our professors have created.