The Little Match Girl in PAC


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The heartwarming tale The Little Match Girl will show in the PAC from Dec. 4-5.

A poor young girl is trying to sell matches on the streets of a city that is full of holiday hustle and bustle.
It is New Year’s Eve evening, everyone has somewhere to be and does not have time to slow down and buy a match from the poor girl.
Unfortunately, the young girl has no other place to go. She has not sold a single match all day, and she cannot return home with matches.
Cold, afraid and hungry, the little girl settles down in a nook.
If there is one thing the little girl has been forbidden to do, it is light a match.
The young girl decides however, on this cold, dark evening, that if she only lights one match, everything will be okay.
The match flares up as the young girl strikes it upon the box. Visions of Christmas trees appear in front of the girl. As she enjoys the warmth for a few more seconds, she makes up her mind to light another match.
The second match is lit. Visions of food and joy come to the little girl as she dreams about the Christmas and holiday season she has never experienced.
Match after match is lit as the young girl tries to keep the visions of warmth and joy alive.
Finally the last match is lit, and the young girl sees her grandma appear.
She is all out of matches, and as the last flame slowly dies, the young girl dies too.
But in the midst of suffering and pain the young girl found hope in the warmth of the matches she burned, the visions she saw and in the arms of her grandma.
Come and see this heartwarming holiday story and be reminded of the true meaning and reason for the holidays.
The performance will play in the PAC on Dec. 4 at 4:30 and 7 p.m., and Dec. 5 at 11 am and 2 pm.
All tickets are $5.