Video game review: QWOP

I have heard that the game called QWOP from, is unspeakably hard and frustrating, and I can say now these descriptions are true.

The point of the game is to have your runner run a full 100 meters without falling while controlling the runner’s thighs and calves.

This is much harder than it sounds. You will find that, in order to get the runner to have even a semblance of a normal human being, you have to get the thighs and calves to work perfectly. One degree off and your runner could be doing a bicycle kick quickly.

This game has only one thing going for it: It is very challenging. You have to be willing to put the time and effort into figuring out how to get this runner running properly.

The most this game seems to get across is the complexity of the human mind and the working of the muscles so that we can actually stand on two legs, and this surpasses that of the conscious mind’s comprehension.

After you have tried the game a couple times, you will get frustrated and walk away. Even if somehow you beat it, you have not achieved some great feat and gotten some great reward. You won’t be able to put it on your résumé.

I think trying to beat this game really is not worth the brainpower. You can find greater satisfaction in getting your homework done for one of your classes than in winning this game. Then at least you would have something to gain from it other than a shallow boast that only works if the people you are talking to know QWOP.

What I’m saying is don’t bother playing this game; it is a total waste of time and energy. You could be doing something more interesting. That is why I have no issue giving this game a one out of five stars.