Ballet to screen here Feb. 20

Rachel Sobina, Staff writer

“Lady of the Camellias” is a ballet comprised of three act that will be live-screened at The Mary D’Angelo Performing Arts Center on Saturday, Feb. 20, at 2 p.m.
Tickets are $18 for adults at the door and $7.50 for Mercyhurst students who present their ID.
The ballet begins with an auction of the most desirable courtesan’s possessions after she passed away. Marguerite Gautier lived a very wealthy lifestyle in more than one sense. Armand Duval was one of the many suitors of the beautiful and wealthy Marguerite, and after seeing the auction of all her possessions, he is lost in thought.
Act 1 begins with Marguerite as the lead role. Armand arrives and immediately falls in love after seeing her. Unfortunately, Marguerite does not share the same feelings and even though she invites Armand to her house, she does not exhibit any feelings for the young man.
Act 2 unfolds as Marguerite goes from party to party, all with different men. At the same time, Monsieur Duval, Armand’s father, finds out about their love and insists that Marguerite break his son’s heart in order to avoid bringing shame upon the family. As the young mistress complies, Armand becomes heartbroken.
Act 3 opens with Marguerite becoming deathly ill and asking Armand to not publicly humiliate her. Armand, still deeply heartbroken, decides to attend a ball that Marguerite is going to as well. He publicly humiliates her, and she collapses.