This recital was vivace

Amber Matha, Staff writer

I had never been to a piano recital, or any music recital, before Omar Roy’s on Monday, Feb. 15. It is a little difficult for me to write a review as I know very little about music. Music to me is as small as two or three keystrokes on the piano, so the sounds that I heard from the piano were amazing.
I knew nothing going to the recital. I did not know how long each piece would be. I did not know about how each piece was played and how the ending of a movement corresponded to a pause. I did not even know that I was not supposed to applaud at these pauses. It was an interesting experience to say the least.
I was very fond of the Sonata in D major by Beethoven. On the program was a list of Italian words which I presumed described each part of the selection. I never would have guessed that I would receive a lesson in Italian. Allegro means lively and Andante means slow.
I preferred the fast-paced sections. I have never seen a person’s fingers move so fast along a piano. Watching Roy on stage made me wish that I had talents outside of the biology or chemistry labs of Zurn where I spend so much time.
As wonderful as the recital was I was really amused by the yoga the girl on soundboard was doing during the first two selections. One audience member who was very into the music kept me alert as well as he moved his head and his whole torso sometimes to the flow of the music. It was well worth it.