Recital welcomes spring

Diane Kalinowski, soprano, is the part time voice and vocal literature instructer at Mercyhurst.

Janyl Lineman, Fallon’s Photography

Diane Kalinowski, soprano, is the part time voice and vocal literature instructer at Mercyhurst.

Jenny Sabliov, Arts and entertainment editor

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The Mercyhurst University Music Department Faculty Recital Series continues with Diane Kalinowski’s soprano recital on Tuesday, March 29, at 8 p.m. Kalinowski will be accompanied by Nathan Hess, D.M.A, on the piano for this recital.
Joseph Kneer, D.M.A, will also accompany the two for one of the pieces which is the virtuosic violin obligato in Mozart’s concert aria “Non temer, amato bene” (K. 490).
This is Kalinowski’s very first faculty recital at Mercyhurst.
She chose these songs because she wanted to encompass a wide variety of geographical regions.
This recital was not originally meant to be about spring but it does and welcomes spring with selections that include, but are not limited to, a three-song scene in which a girlfriend cheers for her beloved in a Venetian boat race (“La regata veneziana” by Rossini); a depiction of morning (“Morgen” by Strauss); a set of three scenic songs by Rachmaninoff culminating in one of his most popular songs (“Spring Waters”); and three romantic Polish songs by Chopin (“The Ring,” “The Bridegroom” and “My Darling”).
The evening ends with an American set of three Robert Browning Poems by Harriet Amy Beach (“I Send My Heart Up to Thee,” “Ah, Love But a Day” and “The Year’s at the Spring!”).
One of the reasons that she chose two of the songs was that they were composed by women.
She frequently performs works by female composers and emphasizes their compositions because there is a pattern of female composers’ works not being celebrated.
Kalinowski teaches at Mercyhurst University as the part time instructor of Voice and Vocal Literature and is also a professional opera singer.
“I am a 2004 graduate of Mercyhurst so the school holds a special place in my heart,” Kalinowski said.
Kalinowski received a Masters of Music in Opera from the University of Kansas and a Bachelors of Music in Voice Performance from Mercyhurst.
Kalinowski is very dedicated to the promotion and teaching of the arts, particularly in younger audiences.
She is a frequent recitalist and has been a middle and high school lecturer. She has also taught at the University of Kansas and Alleghany College.
This recital is not one to miss so join Kalinowski, Hess and Kneer in finally welcoming the spring season.

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