'Winter's Bone' proves a harsh, yet honest, tale of humanity

The Guelcher Film Series presented each Wednesday in the Mary D’Angelo Performing Arts Center has a knack for showing films that expose part of the heart of life.

Such films from this season such as “That Evening Sun” are often a bit harsh, showcasing a cross section of life and humanity, and are always outstanding in the film world.

Today’s presentation of “Winter’s Bone” is no exception. The film will be shown in the PAC at 2:15 and 7 p.m. Winner of Best Picture and Best Screenplay at the Sundance Film Festival, Winter’s Bone tells an incredible story of family codes and perseverance.

Seventeen-year-old Ree Dolly sets out to save her family’s Ozark home, up for repossession when her father put the property up for his bail and skips town.

As she pushes through lies, obstacles and threats to save her family’s property, a tale of overwhelming and shocking suspense unravels, making it almost tangible to the audience; the drama hangs menacingly in the air.

Jennifer Lawrence takes the lead as Ree, receiving the New Hollywood Award at the Hollywood Film Festival. The young actress is beginning to make waves in the film world from her sudden beginnings at age 14.

Despite the twirling world of Hollywood that is becoming more and more enamored with her, Lawrence seems to have a very honest approach to acting. When interviewed by Tribute Movies, Lawrence said about the roles she’s chosen “they’re not stupid. So many scripts are stupid for young blonde girls.”

She goes on to speak about the authenticity of the film and the role locals played in its making. One can find hope for the film industry in such an honest presentation of a story.

A desperate version of the American dream, “Winter’s Bone” shows the audience a piece of humanity and importance of a place to call home, whether it is perfect or not.

Presenting a spectacular script, astounding performances, and genuine honesty in its making, “Winter’s Bone” is a feature worth seeing, especially with no cost to students. Tickets are free for students with Mercyhurst ID.