Final collaboration of art now on display


Trang Nguyen

The senior art majors pictured above at the “Behind Our Eyes” exhibit during the reception.

Colleen Niebauer, Staff writer

A symphony of colors, shapes, lines and a bunch of other things I do not know the terms for, are all working together to create something that stirs something inside all of us.
That is how I would define art, as a non-art major.
I can understand that finding the right combination to create art is extremely difficult and takes grueling work and time.
The senior art majors exposed their labor in their carefully chosen artworks for their senior thesis.
This exhibit is titled “Behind Our Eyes.”
The artwork is now on display in the Cummings Art Gallery, which is located in the lobby of the Mary D’Angelo Performing Arts Center.
The works not only show off the artist’s skill, but also express the progress and experience they have in their field of study.
The artists typically choose to work with a media they favor working with, or that they are especially skilled in.
The pieces were specifically chosen and created to form each artist’s series. They were designed to work together, just as instruments in a symphony; to create something overall astounding.
“Although each artist’s series were not intended to work with each other, together within the gallery they appear to have collaborated to create the whole show and they work very well with each other,” Ashley Poletto said.
The artist reception was on Saturday, April 2, from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.
Those who attended the reception saw and mingled with the artist behind the art.
There are 10 graduating seniors who have their final senior art projects on display, including paintings, mixed media, collage and photography in the exhibit.
The seniors displaying their artworks in the gallery are Karly Burns, Art Education; Ashley Favata, Graphic Design; Joseph Lehr, Graphic Design and Caroline Magoc, Art Therapy.
Courtney O’Hara, Art Therapy; Caitlyn Padovano, Art Education; Katie Porter, Art Therapy; Kirsten Rambo, Studio Art; Sabrina VanTine, Art Education and Sydney Waldron, Graphic Design, are also seniors displaying their art.
Their art covers everything from framed, brightly colored roses to four art garments made from everyday used materials.
There is also a wide range of different types of photographs from black and white to steampunk.
There are paintings and three life-sized marionettes on display as well.
The show is free and open to the public weekdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and weekends from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.
Stop by to see art that has been created through years of experience and give a final farewell to these art majors.