Plain White T's tentatively to play Spring Fest

A Facebook status leaked late Monday night that the Plain White T’s may play at Mercyhurst College’s Spring Fest this year.

Junior Michelle Tatavosian posted on her Facebook that the Plain White T’s would play at Spring Fest after a friend directed her to look at the band’s website.

The Plain White T’s website shows the band will play at Mercyhurst College on Friday, May 6, which is the night of Mercyhurst’s Spring Fest concert.

Student Activities Council (SAC) Chair Char Lichtinger asked Tatavosian to remove the post from her Facebook.

She told Tatavosian that “nothing’s official. Please take it down,” Tatavosian said.

Tatavosian removed the post.

“People should be allowed to put on Facebook saying the Plain White T’s are coming if you can find it on their website,” she said.

Lichtinger explained the reasoning for asking Tatavosian to remove her Facebook status.

“We don’t want people’s hopes to get up if it doesn’t work out,” she said.

There is a chance that the Plain White T’s will not perform at Spring Fest.

“Nothing has been finalized at all,” said Sarah Allen, assistant director for the Center for Student Engagement and Leadership Development.

Allen received a 22-page contract from the band on Friday, which she, Lichtinger and Colleen O’Hara, Mercyhurst Student Government events coordinator, will review.

Allen will send the contract back with revisions.

Sharrin Summers, executive director of publicity for Hollywood Records, said the two parties will work as quickly as possible to finalize the contract.

“There could be a possibility that they could back out,” Allen said.

If Plain White T’s backed out now, SAC has no other bands in mind.
If everything goes as planned, You Hang Up, which features actor Frankie Muniz, and Romantic Era, comprised of Mercyhurst and Gannon students, will open for the Plain White T’s.

SAC planned to announce these bands in April through a video via Facebook. SAC typically waits until the contract is signed to announce the Spring Fest band.

“It’s all very disappointing to us that it has occurred this way,” Allen said.

Lichtinger said she wished the announcement of the band would have gone as planned, but despite the surprise being ruined, she is excited about the concert.

“I’m happy people are excited,” she said.

Plain White T’s is “our first choice, and we got them, hopefully,” she said.