Mills appreciates the close knit dance community at Mercyhurst

Contributed photo: Mills aspires to dance in a professional ballet company.Contributed photo: Heather Mills hopes to dance professionally.

Senior Heather Mills has had a passion for dance since the age of four.

Her many years of training could be about to pay off as she heads into the professional dance world.

Mills aspires to dance in a professional ballet company after graduating.

Although she does not have a set company in mind, she would like to move somewhere that is a bit warmer.

As she is going through the audition process, Mills is looking for a company with a good training program and fair amount of performances during its season.

She particularly likes contemporary ballet.

“I can easily lose myself in the movement,” she said.

Mills originally decided to come to Mercyhurst College because of the small class sizes.

She especially liked the one-on-one experience with professors.

When asked about her experience at Mercyhurst, Mills said, “I have definitely benefited from dancing in college. It gave me time to develop into the dancer I am today.

“Being able to learn from so many different teachers with each of their own past professional experience was a great opportunity,” she said.

One important life lesson that Mills will take with her from Mercyhurst is not to procrastinate.

The dance department’s heavy workload, as well as her choice to be a dance management major, has taught her how to manage her time wisely.

When her dance career is finished, she would like to use what she learned from the major by working in public relations for a company or opening a dance studio.

One of her favorite parts of the dance department is that they are so close with each other.

Because of the advantages of a small department, “we are all so close and supportive, especially the senior class this year. We really are like a family.”

Yet Mills’ favorite thing about dancing, and what she wants to continue with, is the performance aspect.

“I can forget everything besides the movement and just let loose and dance,” she said.

“Nothing else matters. I get lost in the moment.”