It’s all one big ‘Sausage Party’

Rachel Sobina, Staff writer

Every day is a good day in the supermarket, especially with the promise of being taken to the Great Beyond.
All of the goods in the store try to look their best every day with the hope of a better life outside of the store.
Two items in particular, Frank the Sausage and Brenda the Hot Dog Bun, are two friends who constantly try to get each other’s attention.
One day, the unthinkable happens.
All of the supermarket items are informed that there is nothing good in the Great Beyond, in fact, the Great Beyond is worse than the supermarket.
When a daring escape ensues, and chaos follows, Frank and Brenda find themselves in an unfamiliar aisle.
On their journey back to the correct aisle, they meet some interesting characters along the way, including some out-of-control alcohol and rioting vegetables.
Together, Frank, Brenda and their new friends spread words for a new plan to defeat the humans.
When my brother invited me to see this movie, I read the summary and reviews and watched a trailer.
Even after previewing it, I still had my doubts.
How can a movie that is about supermarket foods who plan to escape from the store be interesting?
With low expectations, I headed to the movie theater.
Within the first 10 minutes, I was already trying to make sense of the film.
It was different, but still not an attention grabber.
After about 30 minutes, I was fully engaged.
Between the lewd comments and adult humor, the movie was entertaining enough to keep my attention for the 90 minute duration.
I would caution that you have to enjoy adult humor and situations for this movie.
The creativity of the characters and the idea behind the movie is very out of the ordinary, which is why I felt the movie was interesting.
Taking an ordinary place such as a supermarket, and the items in it, and turning it into a captivating movie takes some talent.
The fact that it was a cartoon was also a bit different, but added to the effect and mood of the movie.
Even though this movie is goofy and silly, it was a solid movie.
I would recommend that if you have nothing better to do on a Friday evening, head to the Cinemark Tinseltown movie theater and check out “Sausage Party.”
It may make you look at food in a supermarket in a different way.