Eerie Horror Film festival will be a scare-tastic weekend

Naomi Greenstein, Staff writer

With the new fall semester already well underway, October is quickly approaching, bringing with it the spookiest holiday of the year: Halloween.
While most will be celebrating the season by handing out candy bars to little ghosts and wee witches or racing through terrifying haunted houses, the folks at the Warner Theatre in downtown Erie will be having a different kind of fun.
Aptly named the Eerie Horror Film Festival & Expo, this internationally recognized event held each year in Erie will take place over the span of three days.
The event is essentially a celebration of independent film making and screenwriting in the genres of horror, science fiction and suspense.
Accepted submissions, taken from the hundreds submitted each year by eager filmmakers, are shown on the big screen for the viewing pleasure of horror lovers and science fiction aficionados.
After the viewings, prizes are awarded to those with the best films and scripts.
As an additional bit of fun, there is also an expo that takes place featuring celebrity guests and vendors from around the country, as well as seminars and workshops.
Past guests have included Lynn Lowry of “The Crazies” and Len Barnhart of the “Reign of the Dead” series.
This year’s event will take place from Oct. 7 to 9.
Weekend passes and day passes are available for purchase at the Warner Theatre box office during normal hours.
For more information, visit or contact the Warner Theatre box office.