Wagner portrays love and death

Rachel Sobina, Staff writer

The Metropolitan Opera Live will be showing a performance of “Tristan and Isolde” at the Performing Arts Center on Oct. 8 at 12 p.m.
The Metropolitan Opera Live is a unique way to view a performance in real-time without traveling very far or paying high rates for tickets.
The opera performance is live at a different theatre, usually in New York, while it is transmitted to theatres and performance spaces throughout the world.
The Met puts on more than 200 opera performances a season in New York. More than 800,000 people attend the performances live and millions more experience the shows in HD and through other televised broadcasts.
Mercyhurst University is lucky to be included on the long list of places where the Met Opera Live is utilized.
“Tristan and Isolde” is an opera that was composed by Richard Wagner in the 1800s. It looks at death and life in a unique way.
The opera takes place on an Irish Sea, near Cornwall, which is located in southwest Britain.
It centers around many different themes including an evolved warrior code, magical ideas and a different outlook on the afterlife.
“Tristan and Isolde” holds a very special place in the opera world as an awe-inspiring look on the balance between love and death.
The opera is a tragic tale of two lovers intertwined by love and magic.
Isolde is set to marry a king until Tristan, an old rival and source of misery for Isolde, enters the picture.
When one simple mistake, or possibly planned phenomenon occurs, the enemies become lovers and a different path of fate begins.
Throughout the story, magic and the power of true love is mixed in a dangerous potion of death and agony.
Tickets are $18 for adults and they are free for any Mercyhurst student who presents their ID at the box office.