“Follow Your Heart” proves to be a soulful collection of love songs

Nathan Angelo’s new album is a true love album.

The Atlanta native and minister’s son developed as a musician throughout his childhood, adapting his hobby into a career after college.

His most recent album, “Follow Your Heart” features 11 tracks with a common theme of following one’s heart and the consequences, both positive and negative, which result.

The album opens with “Love Is On The Line,” a song about taking a chance on love though it might be a gamble.

It is followed by the title track, in which the chorus states, “Follow your heart, it’ll never lead the wrong way, when you’re fallin’ apart, you’ll know you’re in the right place, when the goin’ gets tough and you’re thinkin’ it’s enough to turn and walk away, follow your heart, you won’t ever be the same.” The message is clear as Angelo tells us what we want to hear.

Midway through the album is a song about love at first sight called “Born To Love You.” This ballad is followed up by the odd “Hurt Me,” in which Angelo sings, “But don’t be afraid to hurt me, hurt me…you either fall in love or play it safe, so hurt me.”

It seems a bit strange on first listen, but after a while you understand the necessity of chronicling falling in love with the inevitable broken heart.

The album closes with “So Much I Don’t Know,” a ballad that brings the common message full circle with the lyrics, “underneath the clouds and above the ground the below, of everything that’s in between, there is so much I don’t know.”

This track brings a reality check that even if you follow your heart, you will never have all the answers you desire, but you might be a few steps closer.

Nathan Angelo’s introspective lyrics and soulful voice lead the listener to believe every word he says, making “Follow Your Heart” a true themed work.

Nathan Angelo has three albums available on iTunes or at www.nathanangelo.com. He is currently on tour.