‘Simple Space’ defies physics

Rachel Sobina, Staff writer

“A Simple Space” by Gravity and Other Myths is a performance by seven acrobats who push themselves to their utmost physical limit while showing incredible grace and agility.
The cast brings the audience to a unique performing space, one without props, and deliberately shows the other side of performing; the side of weakness and sometimes failure.
With the performers showing their own personal narratives through movement, it brings to life the reality behind the acrobats and their own lives.
Gravity and Other Myths is an Australian ensemble that was formed in 2009 and has won many awards throughout the years.
The group produces and directs its own work, trying to use more acrobatic physical theater rather than the traditional circus and acrobatics model.
The acrobats include Triton Tunis-Mitchell, Lachlan Binns, Jascha Boyce, Martin Schreiber, Jacob Randell, Elliot Zoerner, Simon McClure, Joanne Curry and Lachlan Harper.
With most of them starting in some forms of gymnastics or acrobatics, they followed their dream and made it to the Gravity and Other Myths crew.
“A Simple Space” by Gravity and Other Myths has won several awards including the Winner of the Best Circus in 2010, 2011 and 2014.
They will perform in the Performing Arts Center on Nov. 16 at 7:30 p.m.
Tickets are free for Mercyhurst students who show their student ID at the box office.
A limited number of tickets are available, as guests will be seated onstage with the performers.