Mercyhurst men’s soccer outscores Gannon Knights

Valeria Lopez, Staff writer

On Oct. 25, the men’s soccer team played at home against Gannon University.

Mercyhurst won the game 4-1, with all four goals scored in the second half. The first half of the game, Gannon dominated the ball and scored one goal against Mercyhusrst. The Lakers were not able to find the way to play them efficiently.

Jorge Gonzales, a Mercyhurst freshman, scored the first goal and made two assists to Thom Derks, who scored the other three winning goals. Gonzalez admitted they were more settled in the second half of the game after figuring out Gannon’s strategy.

“I went into the game thinking we were going to win, but I realized they were also putting up a fight in the first half, so it wasn’t going to be easy,” Gonzalez said.
The hardest part of the game for the Mercyhurst team was the first half, keeping up with the rhythm of the game and figuring out how the other team played so they could create their own strategy.
“The other team was definitely confident about their game plan and confident in what they were doing. We struggled to keep up at first,” Gonzalez said.

The team managed to overcome its initial struggle, which can be attributed to the great team work they use in order to win.

“I think teamwork is one of the team’s strongest assets, and I think with good communication we can overcome any struggles like we did in this game,” Gonzalez said.