Letter to the editor: Praise for Mercyhurst's cheerleaders

For the past seven years, I have been employed as a receptionist at Baldwin Hall. One of the joys of this ministry is the opportunity to visit with the girls as they come and go at Baldwin. They are the joy of my life. Many of these girls are basketball or hockey players and cheerleaders and their schedule has become my schedule and I make every effort to be present at their games to show my support.

I would like to take the opportunity to acknowledge the cheerleader coach, Pat Zimmer, for the superb job she is doing with the girls and to publicly thank the cheerleaders for their faithfulness in performance at the games. I feel they do not get enough credit for all the good they do—they are often unsung heroes and deserve to be praised.

My fervent hope is that these women might soon be joined by at least one brave male cheerleader. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?