NTL presents: ‘Hedda Gabler’

Eleanor Hein, Staff writer

Daughter of a general, wife of an academic and member of the aristocracy, Hedda Gabler’s life seems perfect.
Why is it, then, that she feels her marriage is so boring, even immediately after the honeymoon?
Why is it that her former love (Eilert Løvborg), an alcoholic who has married an old schoolmate (Thea Elvsted), suddenly has so much more going for him than Hedda and her husband, George?
At the same time that Hedda and George find themselves in a financial crisis that George says will mean Hedda will have to give up her luxurious lifestyle, the couple learns of Eilert’s upcoming sequel to a recently published bestseller.
Eilert credits his wife, Thea, for helping him create his masterpiece.
Hedda has never been given any such influence over George, and she becomes jealous. Her solution? She will try her hand at influencing people.
Will she use her influence for better or worse? Does playing God mean Hedda will be able to control the aftermath of her decisions, as well?
Find out on Sunday,  when Henrik Ibsen’s famous play-made-film will screen in Mercyhurst University’s Mary D’Angelo Performing Arts Center.
Ibsen’s 19th century play originally premiered in 1891 in Munich, and has been brought to life once again by Ivo Van Hove for National Theatre Live.
The new version of the play was written by Patrick Marber and stars Ruth Wilson (“Luther,” “The Affair,” and  “Jane Eyre”) as the title role of Hedda Gabler Tesman, and Rafe Spall (“Black Mirror” and “The Big Short”) as Judge Brack.
Tickets are $10 for youth and $18 for adults. Students and seniors can get tickets for $15.
Mercyhurst student tickets are free.