Political Engagement at MU

Elizabeth Schewan, Staff writer

In a politically fraught time, there are many challenges to being an informed and politically active young person. This year, thanks to the Political Science Club, Mercyhurst students will be able to engage politically in a friendly manner.

“I am interested in Political Science because humans are social and political creatures,” said Jonah Jackson, a senior International Relations major and president of the Political Science Club. “A grasp of political science allows one to better understand the forces that shape our society and how one can be an agent for change.”

The club is parented by Pi Sigma Alpha, the national Political Science Honor Society, which has had a chapter at the Erie campus for 20 years and has been nationally recognized in the past. The

Political Science Club is open to all Mercyhurst students regardless of Pi Sigma Alpha membership, department or political knowledge.

“Political Science Club does not have an ideological bend. Democrats, Republicans, Independents, moderates, progressives, conservatives and liberals are all welcome. Political Science Club is a space to step outside the political echo chamber and hear different points of view about current issues or the material being taught in classes,” Jackson said.

In the past, Pi Sigma Alpha has been responsible for hosting speakers, sponsoring trips and hosting an annual volleyball game which pits the seniors and faculty against underclassmen. The plan for this year is to do all this and more.

The club, which is looking to boost both membership and activity on campus, plans to host debates, speakers and discussions, but, most importantly, provide a safe space for students to come together and share their thoughts and opinions.

It will also serve to benefit students by providing opportunities for students to be politically engaged and prepare for law and grad school.

The club will meet on the first Wednesday of each month. Interested students can follow Mercyhurst Political Science Club on Facebook for more information.

“If you are tired of the talking heads on TV going back and forth and are looking for a space to discuss politics, [or] get more information about material you are learning in your political science classes, political science club is for you,” Jackson said.