‘Thor: Ragnarok’ truly entertaining

David McDonald, Staff writer

The best apocalypse film of the weekend is not “Geostorm,” but rather “Thor: Ragnarok.”
Marvel’s recent installment will leave audiences extremely enthralled.
For those Marvel fans, such as myself, who were wondering where Thor and the Hulk were during “Captain America: Civil War,” they will not be disappointed.
This film thematically feels like a “Guardians of the Galaxy” film, which means it is both action-packed and wildly hilarious.
By combining the perfect blend of action, comedy, characters and edginess, the filmmakers have discovered the formula for what a Marvel movie should be.
Much like “Iron Man,” the film that successfully spawned the Marvel cinematic universe, the movie makes its characters relatable.
Unlike other Marvel entries, the film’s antagonist is truly formidable.
So formidable, in fact, that it requires a team of heroes to even have a chance to beat her.
Hela, played by Cate Blanchett, is not only well performed but truly terrifying as she succeeds in conquering Asgard and forcing Thor to save his homeland.
However, the banter between Thor and Loki is even more entertaining as their sibling rivalry is even more creative than in previous movies.
The film is not necessarily intellectual and stimulating, but no Marvel movie is.
Anyone who truly understands what a Marvel movie requires will find this one of its best installments.
Much like “Iron Man,” the movie that established the universe, its characters are relatable and its action keeps you on the edge of your seat.
Yet the comedy is the draw of this film.
I felt myself truly laughing out loud at its clever, witty nature.
Indeed, this film does not take itself seriously, which is its best trait.
It does not matter if you liked the last two “Thor” films or not. If you are a Marvel fan and expect to be entertained, “Thor: Ragnarok” will not disappoint.

4/5 stars