Students awarded at Mercyhurst's annual Lumen unveiling

Mercyhurst College students and faculty gathered for the unveiling of the Lumen and the presentation of the P. Barry McAndrew Writing Awards.

The third and final event of the ninth annual Literary Arts Festival took place Thursday at Taylor Little Theatre.

The Lumen is a student-produced arts magazine. Not only does it contain a selection of poetry and short stories, but it hosts a includes music, art and dance. An electronic version of the Lumen contains the performing arts pieces as well as a digital copy of the Lumen.

The students who work on the Lumen meet in the fall to discuss what they hope to accomplish with the newest edition of the Lumen. Submissions are collected during the winter term, and the magazine is unveiled as a capstone event for the Literary Festival.

Four awards were given to students at the event. Three of the awards were given to the top pieces of creative writing submitted, and the fourth award was for the best essay on a piece of literature.

Sophomore Jennifer McCurdy won the P. Barry McAndrew award for her essay, and junior Chrissy Mihalic received third place for her poem titled “Eve.”

Both McCurdy and Mihalic are taking part in Mercyhurst’s study abroad in Ireland program this term and could not make it to the event.

Junior Sarah Price received second place for her flash fiction story “A Gray Glove”.

“The story was inspired by something that happened to my roommate,” Price said.

Price admitted she took some liberties when writing her version of the story.

Senior Crystal Spears won first place winner for her creative writing “Pretty Little Thing.”

“I wrote it when my class was doing historical poems. I loved Helen of Troy. She was so beautiful that she got all of those people killed,” Spears said.

Following the award ceremony, those gathered were invited to share their writings. Students read poems and one student performed a song.

“I enjoyed it very much. Everything was great, and everyone’s submissions were very deserving,” Spears said.