Hurst weighs in on Super Bowl

Sam Peterson, Staff writer

A poll ran on the Mercyhurst Facebook page asking Lakers “Who will win Super Bowl LII?”  At the close of the poll, 47 had voted their pick for the Vince Lombardi trophy.

The results were: 33 for the Philadelphia Eagles, 14 for the New England Patriots and a vote for the Jacksonville Jaguars (who were not in the Super Bowl).  Of this sample size, the poll shows 70 percent of the surveyed campus actively supporting the Eagles.

However, almost everyone asked for opinions over the last two weeks has repeated some variation of this phrase: “I want the Eagles to win, but the Patriots probably will.”  An easy smile probably came to the faces of that 70 percent, as their hopes were realized in the final minutes of the game.  W

ith a 41-33 victory, the Eagles had won their first Super Bowl.  The game itself was an absolute slug fest. Super Bowl LII nearly had the highest scoring game in Super Bowl history at 74 points.  This is just shy of the 75 points scored in the 49-26 49ers victory over the Chargers in Super Bowl XXIX.

Super Bowl LII by far had the most total offense in a post-season game with 1151 yards total.  This translates to not only more offensive yards than any Super Bowl matchup, but of any playoff game in history.

It is only fitting that the game ended in a desperate “Hail Mary” attempt by the Patriots’ Tom Brady to try and hold the door.  Although he fell short, it was outrageously close if you look, and just came down to luck. This perfectly reflected how tense the game was all the way through.

The throw at the end was also symbolic of Brady’s entire game. His performance was incredible, with well over 500 yards passing.  This all came despite a widely publicized hand injury that Brady sustained only several weeks ago.

At the time, there were many doubts about the Patriots’ chances of actually reaching the Super Bowl.  It wasn’t long though before Brady put these concerns to rest, leading his team to an AFC Championship victory over the Jaguars.  Brady seemed to be able to throw from one end of the field to the other, but the Eagles did not let this rattle them.

Quarterback Nick Foles (the backup) led the Eagles to victory with 373 passing yards. Foles also made Super Bowl history, receiving the first touchdown pass thrown to a quarterback.

All in all, most Lakers walked away from this one satisfied.