Cast of 'Cinderella' presents a magical, memorable performance

During the last weekend of April, the Mercyhurst College Dance Department presented the three act classical ballet, “Cinderella.” It is a timeless fairytale that drew in large audiences of all ages.

This production was an exciting way for the dance department to end their season, as it marked the first time they have performed “Cinderella” in ten years. It was a fun show for both those performing and those watching.

It was difficult to put an entire three act ballet together in just ten weeks, but the dancers picked up the material quickly, while adding their own personalities and stylistic touches to the roles. This was most evident in the roles of the stepsisters.

The chemistry between seniors Claire Hinde and Sarah Mastrocola (Friday and Saturday) and juniors Haley Bradstreet and Tori Scott (Saturday matinee and Sunday) was spot on. They were very believable and created one laugh after another.

It was a memorable last performance for senior Christopher Taddiken who effortlessly transformed himself into the regal prince and stunned audiences with his many turns and gravity defying jumps.

Senior Nicole Lyons (Friday and Saturday) and sophomore Olivia Boyd (Saturday matinee and Sunday) danced the role of Cinderella. Lyons’ winning stage presence made her portrayal of Cinderella a joy to watch.

Sophomore Kelly Dempsey remarked on Boyd’s performance, “Seeing someone I know and have even had classes with express such amazing talent took an already amazing ballet to a new level.”

Aside from the typical “Nutcracker,” which most dancers are accustomed to, junior Ashley Cook, who danced the part of the Spring Fairy, said it was her first full length classical ballet. “It was enjoyable to be part of the cast and to have the opportunity to be in a wonderful professional level production while in college,” she said.

The sets and costumes only added to the delight of the production. The sparkles on each fairy’s costume transformed each woman into a magical and delicate accompaniment to Cinderella as she made her way to the ball.

The carriage, adorned in flowers, drawn by two unicorns and led by a small page, contributed to the enchanting performance.

After the performance, characters came out into the lobby to meet the young fans. Many children were able to see their first ballet as well as meet some of their favorite characters, such as the Fairy Godmother, Cinderella and the stepsisters.