Submit to the Lumen

Sam Peterson, Staff writer

When asked to describe the Lumen, student editor-in-chief, Michael Mongera, said “the Lumen is a literary magazine showing the colors of Mercyhurst. Its purpose is to let a world of words be heard by students from students.”

The Lumen is now accepting submissions for its 2019 edition, which can be anything under the umbrella of arts.

This includes short stories (up to three pages), poems (up to three separate pieces), photographs, paintings and even dance performances and musical compositions that are available through the online copy of the Lumen. The bar for entry is nonexistent, with all students encouraged to submit the fruits of their creative passions.

The online companion edition contains everything in the physical magazine but also allows access to additional visual elements and long form stories. It can be viewed for free on the Mercyhurst website.

The Lumen staff review each submission for inherent quality. Accepted submissions are passed along to the English department’s “Editing and Style” class available for students to take next semester. At that stage, fine details are corrected and the creator is contacted if necessary.

Every year, the Lumen receives extraordinary pieces. There is care placed into every submission residing inside the Lumen, and current major or year does not matter. Anyone can have a creative mind, which is all you need to submit to the Lumen.

“We personally believe Lumen is vital to showcase the heart of Mercyhurst,” said Mongera. “It’s important to spread an interconnectivity through mediums such as writing and literature to further demonstrate the Mercyhurst values to be of reflectively aware, and intellectually creative. We encourage students to open their own books and showcase their creativity through written and visual language.”

The deadline for the 2019 edition of the Lumen is Nov. 16. Students can submit content at