Come here to see ‘King Lear’ this year

Adam Williams, Staff writer

On Oct. 10 at 12:55 p.m. in Taylor Little Theatre, the National Theatre Live series will present its first simulcast of the semester, William Shakespeare’s famous play, “King Lear.”
“King Lear” tells the tragic tale of the titular character, his three daughters and all those near the king.
Elderly and in need of retirement, King Lear steps down from the throne and decides he will divide his kingdom among his three daughters.
To divide his kingdom, he tests each of his daughters’ love for him, portioning out his land based on their response.
He ends up splitting the kingdom in two, giving his eldest daughter, Goneril, and his middle daughter, Regan, each a half of his realm.
He leaves out his youngest daughter, Cordelia, for failing his test.
Unbeknownst to King Lear, these actions set into motion betrayals, suffering and a slow descent into madness, played out over the remainder of the production.
Legendary screen actor Sir Ian McKellen brings the title character of King Lear to life on the stage.
His performance is being hailed as setting the bar for future productions.
The cast also includes Claire Price as Goneril, Kirsty Bushell as Regan and Anita-Joy Uwajeh as Cordelia, among other distinguished play-actors and actresses.
Tickets will be $18 for adults, $15 for seniors and $12 for students and youth.
Mercyhurst students can get in for free with their IDs.