‘A Star is Born’ is dazzling and autobiographical

Brent Pestotnik, Contributing writer

The film “A Star is Born” is a musical romantic drama that stars and is produced and directed by Bradley Cooper.
This film was Cooper’s directorial debut, and I have to say that he did a fantastic job remaking and rewriting the film.
This was the fourth remake of the film, the most recent remake being the lauded 1976 version.
Cooper’s version revitalizes this film, and his character is a famous and well-respected rock musician, Jackson Maine, who has a serious drinking problem and a troubled past.
He meets Ally, played by Lady Gaga, after he hears her singing in a bar after one of his shows.
He quickly falls in love with her and helps her career blossom in the music industry; his career simultaneously falls into a downward spiral.
I am a huge Bradley Cooper fan, so I had very high expectations regarding his acting, and he well surpassed these expectations.
He truly dedicated himself to this role, and spent hundreds of hours learning to play the guitar, and performed at Coachella and  Glastonbury  without being booed offstage.
Cooper poured his whole heart into this role, using his own pain and addiction (which he was reluctant to talk about prior to taking on this role) to portray perfectly a great artistic talent who is broken inside and deals with serious addiction.
In addition, Cooper spent hours interviewing Lady Gaga to ensure that her character in the film was authentic to Gaga’s real life struggles.
In my opinion, Lady Gaga deserves the Oscar for the Best Actress for this year.
Her character was incredibly relatable, yet when it was her time to shine, she glowed up the entire screen and captivated the entire audience.
The soundtrack for the film was excellent, and Bradley Cooper’s singing really impressed me; whenever Lady Gaga sang, she stole the show.
You cannot help but feel completely moved after hearing Cooper and Gaga sing the film’s main song, “Shallow,” or when Lady Gaga sings my personal favorite, “Always Remember Us This Way.”
I had really been looking forward to seeing this movie for several months and had been reading articles and watching YouTube videos and interviews prior to the release date.
I saw the premiere of A Star is Born, and then saw it again five days later.
I am big fan of movies centered around music, and as I said, I had very high expectations for the film.
That being said, I give the film a 9/10.
I highly recommend going to see it, as well as downloading the album on Spotify or AppleMusic, because it is filled with bangers.