Under Armour picked for new school apparel

Katy Vacceriello, Staff writer

There is an all new adventure at Mercyhurst University — the signed partnership with Under Armour.

The topic is talked about all around campus, hyped up by athletes and staff together.

“The goal for Mercyhurst is to expand our reach as a university and to use a brand like Under Armour to do that,” Director of Athletics Bradley Davis said. Before signing with Under Armour, Mercyhurst was the biggest school in Pennsylvania without an official school apparel partner.

Although paperwork is in the works, Under Armour will not be present on campus until the 2019-20 school year.

The partnership will allow for more consistency when recruiting new players and connecting with alumni and current students alike.

When searching for a partnership, Under Armour was not the only possibly proposal. A committee of three people — made up of Davis, Associate Athletic Director Lauren Packer Webster, and head basketball coach Joe Spano — were given the initial responsibility of screening all possible partnerships.

Once the screening process was complete, it was time to present all potential opportunities to the Mercyhurst coaches. The coaches, along with the committee, came to a conclusion of the top two proposals.

These top two companies were then given the opportunity to visit the school to share their pitch directly to the coaches. The coaches were given the responsibility to report back to the committee, which leads to the ultimate partnership decision.

In the end, Under Armour was the best fit.

With a new apparel partnership comes new designs for sports uniforms and school apparel. The design aspect of new gear is left up to the creative minds of Jungle, a licensed partner of Under Armour.  They work collaboratively with Under Armour on a pricing strategy, the style of apparel created and working hand and hand with coaches creating uniforms and warm-ups. Staff and students are patiently awaiting the fun and thrilling entrance of all new Mercyhurst unity, with the assistance of Under Armour gear.