March is a busy month

Marina Boyle, Features Editor

March is a stressful month. This is always the time of the year when things really start to pick up in classes, but there is so much aside from that.

First of all, housing becomes a big issue for everyone except seniors and all of us must pick roommates and a housing assignment for next year.

For RAs like myself, you need to make sure you get rehired and then find out where you’ve been placed.

Then comes registration and preparing your schedule for Advising Day, which is just around the corner.

For international students, getting our taxes done is also a hugely important part of March.

Most of all it’s the fact that January and February are pretty sleepy months of the year in terms of events, but March brings St. Patrick’s Day, March Madness, Family Weekend, spring break trips and during some years, even Easter.

These are all the things we want to celebrate, even with our mid-terms and new mini classes.

For seniors, housing and Advising Day are not concerns, but in March we approach 100 days until graduation and those precious but stressful final months at the Hurst begin.

Lastly, most clubs and organizations, including MSG, elect new officers at this time and start to have people begin acting in their new roles.

Even here at The Merciad we are planning out roles for next year and realizing that we only have three issues left until fall.

With March coming to a close and April on the horizon, I want to say congratulations to all my fellow Lakers.

It’s been a incredibly good year and there’s not long left, so enjoy it!