Trio of four coming to Walker Recital Hall

Ashley Viszneki, Staff writer

If you are looking for some new groovy tunes to get you through the rest of the semester, look no further.
The Warp Trio is coming to Mercyhurst on April 1 as part of the Roche Guest Artist series, and it is sure to be a concert you won’t want to miss.
The concert starts at 8 p.m. in the Walker Recital Hall.
Josh Henderson, the band’s violinist, says that the band’s music is “somewhere in between contemporary classical, jazz and rock.”
He says he doesn’t like to get too caught up on labels, however.
Henderson said “the world around us” has inspired the band.
He also said that the group got its name, the “Warp Trio,” because they take “the traditional piano trio setting and ‘warp’ it.”
The band’s cellist, Ju Young Lee, (also known as J.Y.), “got the idea to start the ensemble several years ago as a means to give a little ‘jump-start’ to the modern day chamber music experience,” said Henderson.
Henderson and Young met while in high school.
Henderson met Rick Martinez, the group’s percussionist, during graduate school, and they met Mikael Darmanie through a mutual friend while in New York City.
During rehearsal, the band shapes the music, and in the case of their originals, they edit the pieces as a group.
Rehearsals for the band are run efficiently as they are “progressively harder to come by,” said Henderson.
The group’s music has evolved as they have grown.
“We are continuing to stretch the styles of composition, and get more sophisticated with our composition skills while also maintaining audience connection,” Henderson said.
“Also, as we come into contact with new technologies, such as electronics and things of that nature, we are also developing our palette of sounds.”
This concert is free and open to the public and is made possible by the generous support of the Terry and Margaret M. Roche family.