Roche series to kick off with MU Music alumni

Carlena Bressanelli, Staff writer

On Sept. 16 at 8 p.m. in the Walker Recital Hall, the Roche Guest Artist Series will begin with a vocal recital by D’Angelo Department of Music alumnus baritone Jared Hancock (‘16).
Associate Professor of Piano and D’Angelo Department of Music Chair Nathan Hess, D.M.A. will join Hancock for an evening recital of art song and opera arias and duets.
Hancock received his M.M. in Voice from The Peabody Conservatory.
Hancock writes that his experience at Mercyhurst was foundational.
In addition to cultivating friendships while he was here, Hancock says, “the opportunities and experiences I received from the D’Angelo Department of Music made a direct impact on my growth as a performer.”
“I carry those memories with me to this day, and the knowledge I gained from my study at Mercyhurst still influences my performance practices,” Hancock said.
While completing his Master’s at Peabody, Hancock studied with Bill Sharp, an established performer of art song and oratorio.
Hancock said, “I value his guidance and instruction, and I’m glad that he will continue to mentor me as I navigate this in-between time of my life.”
Since completing his Master’s degree, Hancock has been working several jobs.
He waits tables at a restaurant in Baltimore, works part-time in admissions at the Peabody Conservatory and sings in a church.
He hopes to start his own vocal studio in Baltimore.
He also has a few concerts planned for the 2019-2020 season.
Future plans are to work in admissions or to pursue a D. M. A. and teach in a university setting.
When asked to discuss which pieces the two chose for the recital, Hancock said, “I choose art songs with poetry that resonates with me, while also trying to craft a program that is interesting for the audience.”
“I find that I give the best performance when I sing pieces that are near and dear to me so that I can deliver a specific and motivated interpretation of them,” Hancock said.
This concert is free and open to the public.