Another great MIAC show

Carlena Bressanelli, Staff writer

If you attended the last MIAC show on Oct. 18, then I’m sure you had quite a laugh.

With his wit, unique style of writing and wild stories, David Sedaris took us to a place of rawness.

The first thing we noticed when he went onstage was his outfit.

He was dressed in a suit jacket that was cut up and a pair of shorts sewn over another pair.

His flair for clothing was mirrored in his flair for storytelling, and his material was one of a kind.

Sedaris had no filter as he told intimate stories about his life to the general public.

He made fun of the world around him, including his family and significant other.

He read from his essays and received a great response from the audience.

His self-deprecating humor might not be for everyone, but those in the audience sure did seem to enjoy it.

I found that his stories and essays are unique in that they switch topics and tone quickly without feeling awkward.

For example, Sedaris transitioned from stories that are hilarious to those that are tragic with ease.

I found that there was a good mix of each type of story, and that he transitioned from one topic to the next very well.

He ended the performance with a question-and-answer session, where audience members could get up and ask questions.

I thought that it was a fantastic evening, and I hope Sedaris will return to MU someday