On Boo-ing Leaders

Bella Lee, Staff Writer

This year’s World Series was an amazing one.

The Washington Nationals emerged victorious over the Houston Astros for the first time in the Nationals’ history.

However, this article isn’t about their triumphant win.

It is about how the crowd reacted when a surprising guest turned up at one of the games.

Game 5 of the World Series was held at Nationals Park in Washington DC on Oct. 27th.

At this game, which the Astros won 7-1, a special guest was announced during the third inning.

The guest was none other than the Commander in Chief himself, President Donald J. Trump.

The president, accompanied by his wife Melania, were not greeted kindly at the stadium.

Thousands of baseball fans booed the POTUS, shouting “Lock him up!”

Now, being someone who has been fascinated with politics since the second grade, I recognize that chant.

It is a play on “Lock her up,” a chant that many of Trump’s supporters have used, alongside “Send her back,” to show their anger against many women U.S. Representatives, such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib.

But was this chant appropriate for the leader of this nation, even with his negative stance towards immigrants and minorities?

Since I became interested in politics, I’ve always been told to respect your leaders.

I still follow this advice, and I do respect Donald Trump as our President, but that doesn’t mean I have to like him.

Now, he may not have deserved being booed at by tens of thousands of passionate baseball fans.

But I will admit I did find it somewhat amusing to hear this news.

Trump has made it known that he is an adamant baseball fan, and he supported this by going to one of the biggest games in any baseball season.

He was more than likely not surprised when he and his wife were greeted at Nationals Park with the roars of boos and negative chants.

Despite all of this, maybe the attendees of the game could’ve piped down a little bit when the President’s arrival was announced.

It wasn’t like he was using the game as an opportunity to announce some big message, even with the announcement of the death of ISIS Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi just hours earlier.

Even so, he was trying to make his attendance low-profile, but was still bashed with the boos and the repetition of “Lock him up!”

If I were attending that game, I probably would’ve just tried to enjoy myself at the game as best as I could.

Trump may have some ideas that I disagree with, but he’s still the President.

You have to respect the man.