MIAC performance was Wain‘wright’ on

Victoria Mcginty, Staff writer

On Nov. 2, The Mercyhurst Institute for Arts & Culture hosted Rufus Wainwright in a program entitled “O Solo Wainwright” in the Mary D’Angelo Performing Arts Center.

Erie, Pennsylvania was Wainwright’s seventeenth stop in the tour.

The third performer of the 2019-2020 MIAC season, Wainwright put on a show that was the perfect mix of wonderful and personable.

Wainwright’s only props onstage included a piano, a guitar and himself.

His performance was both very personal and vulnerable.

We were able to see all of his dimensions as a performer and an artist.

For his vocals, Wainwrights’ performance live sounded almost exact to his recordings.

Nonetheless, he was amazing in a live setting and it felt as if I was sitting up in my dorm aimlessly listening to his discography like any normal day.

However, I was sitting in the audience looking directly up at the man himself who made them famous.

I was taken aback about how authentic his performance was.

He was very amiable and very graceful on the keys.

He engaged with the audience after almost every number.

His comedic and versed personality made his performance enjoyable and wholesome.

Throughout his performance, Wainwright initiated conversations with the audience discussing his family and his opinions on our world and politics.

He gave insight into his friendship with the late Carrie Fischer, and sported a princess Leia shirt.

It was quite the evening and one I will never forget.