Mercyhurst learning fair exceeds expectations

It’s the time of year when students begin to receive emails inviting them to take part in the many clubs Mercyhurst College has to offer.

This past Wednesday, the Experimental Learning Fair took place outside and inside the Hermann Student Union where around 100 clubs set up to get students to involved.

The clubs outside were located under a large tent. Those inside were positioned in the Great Room and in the dining area of the Laker Inn.

“It was fantastic. I signed up for about three clubs in the first 10 minutes I was here,” freshman Lauren Smith said.

Many varieties of food were offered at the tables, ranging from popcorn and candy to Rita’s Italian Ice, to draw students to their booths.

Beside the outdoor tent of club tables was a table where students could swipe their One Cards for a chance to win a $50 VISA gift card.

Several new clubs were at the fair, including the Outdoor Adventure Club.

“We’re a new club, so it’s all about getting people involved and new ideas right now,” sophomore and club secretary Emily Mashuda said.

Another fairly new club at the fair was the TOMS club.

“The beginning of the year has been fantastic for us. This is our second event this year and so far there is high interest and I have high hopes for the year,” club leader junior Garrett Stolz said.

Overall, the fair seemed to go over well with about 120 participants, a higher number than any other year for the event.

Interim Director of the Center for Student Engagement and Leadership Development Sarah Allen said, “It went great and I’m glad we could use the tent. I think the tent helped with the flow of the fair by creating more room. I think if we didn’t have the extra room, the cramped space may have chased many students away.”

For only its second year as a Recognized Student Club/Organization, the Public Speaking Club got a decent number of signups at the fair.

“We’re a new club as of last year and want to go in the direction of making public speaking fun and also helping to build confidence for students,” junior and club leader Laura Fiegelist said.

The fair had a large turnout of clubs and students interesting in signing up. Aside from club sign-ups, many departments were there talking to students about internships.