Color Guard comes to MU athletics

Marina Boyle, Managing editor

Starting in Fall 2020, Mercyhurst spirit will introduce the exciting addition of a color guard. With the support of athletic director Brad Davis, director of Club Sports Ally Brace and Marching Band director Bob Reid, the color guard will work with marching band to enhance Laker spirit and pride.

Mercyhurst graduate Shawn Marie Gorring will be the group’s adviser. “I heard that Bob was interested in having a color guard next fall,” Gorring said. “We spoke and he asked if I would take the position. Knowing Bob for a long time and being a graduate of Mercyhurst University, I was thrilled. I then met with the Athletic director and was accepted.”

Gorring has over 30 years of experience teaching all venues of marching band activities, including drum corps and indoor winter color guard.

“I’m thrilled to see this amazing band add color guard. I feel color guard brings the icing on the cake. The color guard, through color, equipment, dance and expression, brings the music to life. You can see the music through all of these and timing and tempo. The color guard activity is booming locally, country wide and all over the world,” Gorring said.

The guard is currently inviting those interested to learn more. An introductory meeting will be held in the REC Center on March 26 at 8 p.m.

Gorring has stressed how this is an exciting new area of involvement, especially for students seeking a space to try something new.

“This activity gives so many kids the opportunity to belong to something when maybe there wasn’t another activity for them. I’m lucky to be part of it all,” Gorring said.

Those interested can reach out to Gorring or Reid for more details at or