Intramural sports expected sometime this fall

Samantha Weber, Contributing Writer

With the Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference (PSAC) making the decision to postpone all competitive sports throughout the 2020 Fall semester, all students will have to adapt to a new setting on college campuses.

Mercyhurst University has always taken great pride in the DII level of competitiveness that the sports programs have had to offer.

Over the past few years, the number of club sports offered at Mercyhurst has significantly increased. Different from the high intensity of the DII PSAC sports offered at Mercyhurst, club sports have provided all students the chance to stay active and participate in something they love once their high school career has come to an end.

Currently, Mercyhurst offers eleven club sports including five coed activities.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Mercyhurst University has started a new video series on the Resilience and Resolve website. Within this website are eight different videos surrounding how college life will look like this fall.

In one of the videos discussing athletics, Athletic Director Brad Davis said, “Intramural programming will be held later this fall.”

Davis’ statement came right before students began moving in for the fall semester and it allowed them to feel reassured that they would be able to have a somewhat normal college experience with the ability to play club sports.

For the past few months, the Athletic Department has been working continuously to try and find a way for club sports to be played this fall while maintaining proper COVID-19 procedures.

The Athletics Department and the university understand what a crucial role sports play in the lives of students.

At the start of the semester, sports such as Ultimate Frisbee could not take place as the disc is a commonly touched object. Now with the willingness of students to follow the protocols currently in place, and with new disinfecting procedures outlined, this sport can be played safely.

As the year progresses and the University gains a better understanding of the COVID-19 situation on the campus, it is likely that the rules will continue to adapt with the hopes of working towards allowing students to participate in more club sports.

“Intramural sports are important for students because they offer an alternative community outside of the classroom that fosters relationships that last through college and beyond,” said senior Megan Lynn, who is also president of Mercyhurst Ultimate Frisbee team.

While there are plenty of ways to get involved in academic clubs, interested students should look into the club sports offered at Mercyhurst because there is a wide variety and truly something for everyone to participate in.

“Since [the involvement fair] the people I have met through Ultimate Frisbee have become some of my best friends. I keep in touch with those who have graduated as well, and they continue to be a huge support system,” said Lynn.

Joining a club sport is a great opportunity for any student looking to become more involved on the campus while having a fun time.

“I look forward to being a part of a club that has a competitive nature, but is not solely focused on winning. While winning is obviously nice, I think it is important to have fun when playing a sport as well,” said freshman Steven Lasch.


Students interested in the different club sports offered at Mercyhurst can view them all by going to