Super Bowl half-time show is the real MVP

Hannah Brooks, Features editor

Over the past week or so, when people asked me about whether or not I would be watching the Super Bowl, I jokingly replied, “There’s going to be a football game at the Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg and Eminem concert?” If that doesn’t tell you how excited I was about this halftime show, I am not sure what will.

Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Mary J. Blige, 50-Cent, Kendrick Lamar and Eminem put on an unforgettable performance Sunday night at the Super Bowl.

First, I have to talk about the stage. The setup was absolutely incredible: buildings representing homes, businesses and a recreation of Compton’s Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial took over the stadium, as well as a glittering map of Los Angeles.

The layout of the rooms in the house were horizontal, going from room to room with each performer.

These are musical geniuses who have been honing their craft for quite some time now, and their ideas for the performance definitely showed the love that they put into everything they do.

The show featured classics that people across the country undoubtedly belted out from the comforts of their couches. The performance started with Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg performing “The Next Episode”, which was followed by “California Love” on the rooftops of their stage while dancers performed below them inside the buildings.

It was such a perfect way to start out the show and get the audience hyped – from those lucky enough to be inside the stadium to those watching from the comforts of their homes.

50-Cent was a surprise guest star, showing up hanging upside down surrounded by dancers as he performed “In Da Club.”

The entire scene was one that easily could have happened circa 2003, which was what I recognized throughout each and every performance; it was all so timeless. These were songs that I grew up listening to as a kid, so watching the performances years later as an adult was such an incredible feeling.

Up next was Mary J. Blige and she started singing “Family Affair” and ended her section falling down onto the stage. Kendrick Lamar had a tough act to follow, but he sure managed to put on a good performance. Lamar performed “m.A.A.d city” and “Alright” while dancers surrounded him.

I was especially a fan of Eminem while I was growing up. His songs and albums from the early 2000s still remain staples on my playlist (and more than likely always will). I expected him to perform one of his newer songs, but was pleasantly surprised when he came out with his 2002 classic “Lose Yourself”.

He kneeled at the end of his performance, reportedly in solidarity with Colin Kaepernick. Rumors say that he was told by NFL organizers not to kneel, but, in true Eminem form, he did it anyway. Regardless of the rumors, the gesture was important.

The show ended with all the performers up on stage while Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg ended with “Still D.R.E.” The show was obviously precise and organized, yet it felt casual and chill, which is yet another aspect of the show I really appreciated. The performers were comfortable and made it all seem so effortless.

The show was headlined by absolute legends in hip-hop and rap that I have grown to know and love over the years. Lots of memes and jokes were created after the Super Bowl half-time performance that parents were the one’s explaining the show to their kids and not the other way around, which it seems like has been the truth for a few years now.

Personally, they could have forgotten words to their songs and I would still be writing about how incredible the performance was.

My honest review of the show is that it was absolutely amazing. My only complaint is that it wasn’t longer. I would have loved to watch the show without the football players guest-starring in the concert. All jokes aside, it was incredible and I truly hope to see more come out soon from all of these performers together.

This year’s performance was my favorite in recent history, and I hope they only continue to get better.