'Hats off' to Chevelle

Loudwire.com photo: Pete Loeffler arguably has one of the best voices in hard rock today.Loudwire.com photo: Pete Loeffler arguably has one of the best voices in hard rock today.It doesn’t take long to realize Chevelle’s newest album, “Hats Off to the Bull” is yet another fantastic disc to add to the band’s resume.

Released just a week ago, it is one that easily gets better with each subsequent listen. The lyrics, melodies and vocals are incredibly intertwined with a healthy dose of hard rock, in true Chevelle fashion.

As per usual, Pete Loeffler’s vocals are spot on.

He arguably has one of the best voices in hard rock today and really gives all the songs an incredible amount of energy and drive.

Whether it is screaming or softly crooning to an acoustic track, Loeffler can do it all.

Concurrently, the musicality of the songs is riveting as well.

The heavy guitar riffs, bouncing bass lines and pounding drums are the perfect complement to Loeffler’s vocals.

Chevelle is unique in that their hard rock sound is not merely playing a few chords as loud as possible. There are complicated melodies and undertones present that still give off incredible energy.

Simply put, the album flat out rocks.

There really is not a bad song on the entire disc. All are unique and quite well-rounded.

While there is not an evident standout, a great few are definitely worth mentioning. “The Meddler” starts off slow but builds into a passionate and well-crafted song, with an amazing instrumental bridge.

“Envy” is a softer track, but it might be the best one of the whole lot. Complete with excellent drum playing, it is worth another listen.

“Arise” might be the best melodic song on the disc. The chorus is fantastic.

Even the two acoustic tracks are superb.

Again, Loeffler’s singing carries “Prima Donna” all throughout. It, too, could be considered one of the best songs on the album.

To cap it off, “Indifference” is a short but haunting ballad that finishes the album and leaves the listener satisfied.

“Hats Off to the Bull” does not disappoint in any way. The same classic Chevelle sound is preserved, as the band offers yet another compilation of hard rock artistry.