Hurst Hot Take: Trouble in Paradise


Mackenzie Zent, Staff writer

“The Bachelor” franchise is known for being many people’s guilty pleasure. That only becomes truer when “Bachelor in Paradise” is airing. Now on its eighth season, “Bachelor in Paradise” features many contestants from past seasons of “The Bachelor” on a beach in Mexico. Each week, they rotate who gets to give out roses between the guys and girls. When there are more guys, the girls give out the roses, and the guys will then give them out the following week.

The idea is that the contestants have to be coupled up in order to stay on the beach. If a person does not receive a rose at the ceremony, they leave the island brokenhearted. This is done until there are a few solid couples left on the beach. The end goal is for everyone to get engaged, but of course that is not always the case. Some couples end up just dating outside of Paradise, and others do not last long in “the real world,” as they say.

There are a few official dates that happen each week, and everyone else simply mingles in the villa. When the date card arrives, it has one person’s name on it, and they get to pick who they want to go on the date with. The producers go all out to make these dates fun and exciting for the couple and the viewers. In the past, couples have gone zip lining, dirt biking, had picnics on the beach, done yoga and much more. The activity is usually followed by a fancy dinner, where the couple gets a chance to talk more. When the date is over, most people will know if they want to keep seeing each other or if they want to explore their options more. Sometimes, these dates show people just how incompatible they are.

Many people have said they like “Bachelor in Paradise” more than “The Bachelor” or “The Bachelorette” because it brings back fan favorites from past sea-sons. This makes for great chemistry between the cast in their romantic relationships and friendships and a lot of funny moments. Coming into the show, many of the cast members already have an idea of who might also be on the beach, even though they are not allowed to say until they get there. Because of this, a lot of them come in hoping to get to know one person in particular.

One of the complaints with the classic seasons of the show is how quickly couples are expected to get engaged. In the “Paradise” version though, many of the contestants already have a history to build on. Interactions are more genuine, and the overall feel is much more comfortable for contestants and viewers. However, this can also make things complicated as some couples already have a history that others may not know about. Love triangles and a lot of drama are usually the results. Since it is set in Mexico, it is obviously very hot. To keep the cast members on the beach in-stead of in their rooms, the only place that is air conditioned on set is the bar. This encourages drinking, which can lead to high emotions and interactions between the cast.

Overall, “The Bachelor in Paradise” guarantees that there will be a lot of drama, laughs, heartbreak and love. “The Bachelor in Paradise” airs every Monday night at 8 p.m. on ABC, and the next day it is available on Hulu. Give it a watch, you might just fall in love with it!