‘Fall’ in love with Autumn fashion


Sarah Beck, Staff writer

Now that the weather has finally flipped its switch to match the current season, we find fall fashion upon us. This season is a personal favorite of mine because of the fashions that come along with it. It is the perfect time to play around with your individual style because everyone else is, too. So, this fall season, be expressive with your fashion choices, mix prints, play with textures and explore the art of layering—it is the key to a perfect fall outfit! When in doubt, go with a monochromatic look; it is a classic trend that is especially in this fall. In particular, all-black outfits are rocking the streets everywhere right now.

We are currently in that awkward transitional time period where it is chilly enough for a light jacket but not quite cold enough to layer items on top of each other. That’s why the mini skirt is the perfect trend for the current transition period. This piece of apparel isn’t for everyone, especially those who like to dress more conservatively. But, when styled correctly, it can be a real statement. The mini skirt is coming back due to the massive insurgence of the Y2K trend that was especially popular on the spring 2022 runways. Additionally, the Y2K trend is another reason why we are seeing a lot of denim mini and even micro skirts as well as full denim outfits, AKA the “Canadian Tuxedo.” The best tip I can give you for styling a mini skirt is to balance tight garments with oversized ones. It will even out the proportions of the look and make it look more complete. Additionally, try to go with a tote bag on a day when you wear a mini skirt; backpacks tend to hike up the back of our mini-skirts.

A new slant on the classic “sweater weather” phrase is taking that fall sweater staple and making it a sweater vest. Think of it as swapping out pumpkin spice for maple in your fall-flavored latte. Vests in general are a major trend this fall season, particularly the puffer, sweater and suit vest. In fact, this piece of apparel is the perfect addition to the fall layering formula. It is not only fashionable but also quite practical as it increases your core temperature keeping you nice and warm in the fall chill. One of the leading textures for this Fall 2022 season is leather, which is a fabric that will almost never go out of style. All-leather outfits have become wildly popular. If that is not your speed, a simple oversized leather jacket or blazer is all the rage this season. It will keep you both warm and stylish. Consider switching up from the basic black leather too— brown and even a bright pop of color such as orange or green can be an iconic moment.

Let’s talk shoes, an aspect of an outfit that cannot be overlooked. As Christian Louboutin once said, “A shoe has so much more to offer than just a walk.” Of course, the staple fall shoe is a cute pair of boots, but we are seeing a variation in the traditional bean or ankle bootie. A major trend this season is cowgirl boots, in a variety of heights and colors. Additionally, any type of platform shoe, especially platform boots, are reliable staple. The brand Steve Madden has been gaining a lot of popularity this fall season for its many variations of the platform boot. A general rule of thumb for boots this season is large and over the knee; think flair jeans in the opposite direction. Lastly, a good chunky flat Mary Jane or loafer is another absolute must this fall, playing into the trending dark and light academia aesthetic. Bonus points if you add a pair of white socks or thigh-high tights to your shoe selection.

Accessories are truly what tie in your entire outfit, and this season we are seeing some unexpected choices. For a while, Bluetooth earbuds were all the rage. However, we have started to see the popularity of over-the-ear Bluetooth headphones steadily increase, so much that they have become a bit of a wardrobe staple. Another trending accessory for this fall season is legwarmers, especially in white. They tie perfectly into the trendy ballet-core aesthetic.

The great thing about all of these trends is that they can be applied to all different kinds of aesthetics and genders. Fashion is fluid— no trend or piece of apparel is for any specific individual. Take the chance to try out a style that you wouldn’t typically go for. Fashion is meant to be a form of expression; if your outfit brings you confidence and joy, it is the perfect outfit for you! If none of these trends are your style, that is totally okay; trends are socially constructed, anyway. Fall fashion is whatever you want it to be. The fashion industry is even noticing this change.

Trends cycle so quickly that almost nothing is specifically on “trend,” although we do see some styles and pieces more than others. A very powerful figure in fashion right now is Wisdom Kaye, an influencer who made his break on TikTok. “Nothing is trendy because everything is trendy all at once. Everyone is wearing everything now,” Kaye said in one of his recent videos. “Because we don’t have to worry so much about what is trending right now in this particular time, we as people can actually consume less.” This makes it easy to hop onto trends by sourcing through local thrift or vintage stores because trends cycle from previous years. Fall is truly the ideal time to add new pieces to your wardrobe from the thrift store because you can find vintage pieces that were made with thicker, more quality fabrics that will help you stay warm this fall. Additionally, supporting local thrift and vintage stores helps to stimulate the local economy while also aiding in the decrease of one of the landfill’s largest contributors, textiles. And you can find some cool and unique pieces that simply aren’t in stores anymore.

So, what are you doing? Stop reading and go put together some amazing fall outfits!