Hurst Hot Take: “Wednesday” is a beautifully bizarre series


Emma Coppolo, A&E editor

Netflix has finally released the much-anticipated series following the eldest Addams child, “Wednesday.” The series features Gen-Z royalty Jenna Ortega as the deadpan teen embarking on a new adventure at a school for outcasts. Nevermore is undoubtedly a dark place, but Wednesday quickly discovers that it is even more sinister than meets the eye. After trying to escape, she realizes that she needs to stay at the academy and uncover whatever nefarious forces are at play. While the Dean and the local town’s sheriff work to deter her investigations, she enlists her new friends in her attempts to discover the truth.

Ortega had big shoes to fill following Christina Ricci’s iconic performance as Wednesday in the ‘90s rendition of the “Addams Family.” Ricci perfectly embodied Wednesday’s spirit, and many worried that 2022 would not find such a fitting actress. However, Ortega has gone above and beyond. Her death glare and quirky mannerisms truly encapsulate Wednesday’s spirit. Ricci, who appears in the series as a professor, has given Ortega her blessing as the new Wednesday.

This show is both fun and dark, deadpan and comedic. The diverse personalities of different characters highlight Wednesday’s traits, but they also provide her with some competition. She is, after all, the weird girl. Even in a school full of outcasts, she draws stares and whispers from her peers. The viewer is able to love her and her quirky charm even if those around her are not. The series is truly a mystery, and the viewer gets to try to solve it alongside Wednesday. I find myself favoring certain characters and then questioning whether or not they can actually be trusted.

Wednesday’s attitude is difficult to capture as she rarely shows emotions. Ortega, though, is able to capture Wednesday’s essence through subtle eyebrow raises or lengthy stares. Every episode matters; there are no fillers, which is a rare commodity in today’s television scene. I usually play games on my phone during shows, but I find myself completely captivated by “Wednesday” for each second. I cannot rave enough about this show, and I know that I am not the only person impatiently anticipating the second season. It may be getting closer to Christmas, but “Wednesday” is a show for all seasons. Don’t ignore the hype; stream “Wednesday” on Netflix today.